Asharaye Mubashshara 10 Sahabah

Asharaye Mubashshara means ten well-informed people. In Islamic parlance, Asharaye Mubashshara refers to the ten Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who were promised Paradise during their … Read more

What were the motivations

What were the motivations, model thinking, and pattern of behavior?In this day and age, Islam is clearly noted as an important factorin global realities. From politics to society, from culture … Read more

List of Badri Companions

List of Badri CompanionsMuhajir Sahaba (Ra.) who took part in the Battle of Badr Hazrat Abu Bakr Hazrat Umar Farooq Hazrat Uthman Hazrat Ali Mortaza Hazrat Hamza Hazrat Zayd bin … Read more