How to Protect Your Children

How to Protect Your Children from sex Education


you can do homeschooling. so you get your children put them in an Islamic school. if this is not possible because too expensive or you don’t have anyone to teach, in that Islamic school. you take them home and you teach them and At the end of the year, they give exams.

so you avoid such mix saying you avoid such haram things. I know in the Scandinavian countries
to my knowledge, I might be wrong Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.

That you cannot do homeschooling you’re forced to do this, and this is very bad, when my eight-year-old daughter or son are given sex education on the use of contraceptives, on the types of sex stories, on how to put a condom on a dildo.

On how to refuse intimacy if the girls, if the girl says no, and the boy is eight years old and he sees these things.
this is very dangerous, if not going to practice it! the least he’s going to investigate maybe with his sister, maybe with his mother, maybe on the internet, maybe he goes to the red district and who knows what happens there.

so this is very dangerous we have to protect our children, with all that we have. but it depends on the resources and the means available, whether you have Muslim schools or not if not then you have to start planning to build a masjid
school many schools to incubate and take in our children. inshallah.

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