Story Of A Poor Family

Story Of A Poor Family – Islamic History


Story Of A Poor Family

One of the most remarkable stories yet. one I have heard with this regard is a story of a woman who lives in the city of Mantua in Egypt, a lady who said that I came from a very poor family and her husband was absent for one reason or
another, and she said my daughter became very ill on one particular evening, and she began to fever like never before, and I could do nothing for her.

I have no money for food we spent that evening hungry let alone buy her medication and I will pray to Allah to Allah Almighty to units, and call upon him and attend to my daughter and pray and call and place my trust in him and called to my daughter attend to my daughter, and the hours would pass it was now midnight 12 o’clock 1 o’clock in the morning.

then they hear a knock on the door who is it it’s the doctor it’s the doctor so the lady she puts on her hijab she opens the door, assalamualaikum, waalaikumussalam where was the girl he says the lady she says she’s in the room Allah Akbar, who sent him he comes into the room he checks her prescribes for her medication, and then leaves the house and he says payment please payment and the woman began to cry.

she said, doctor I don’t have anything to pay you suppose do you mean how rude of you should be ashamed of yourself don’t. you have any shyness you call me in this length hour of the night to attend to your daughter and you know who have no wealth to pay me.

she says doctor a lie I didn’t call you. I don’t even have enough money to buy a phone we haven’t even eaten this evening he said to her, what do you mean, he didn’t call me is this not door number such-and-such she said no that’s the door next door.

the doctor he began to win because he understood that this was Allah who sent him that way he said please let me go back inside what is your story, who are you how did this happen as she explained the story he understood. so he bought them food for that evening and he went and he purchased and delivered the medication himself, and he gave her a monthly wage as well and I’m sure that if I asked any one of these brothers to mention a similar story you could, when you needed Allah you had nobody to ask, but him and you were given.

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