What were the motivations


What were the motivations, model thinking, and pattern of behavior?
In this day and age, Islam is clearly noted as an important factor
in global realities.

From politics to society, from culture to economics,
but when and where did it all begin?
How did a tiny community in the oasis of the Arabian Desert
of the early seventh century evolve into an imperial regime
and vibrant civilization?

Through the lands of Islamic and non-Islamic texts and artifacts,
we will try to answer these questions together.
Please, join me on a fascinating historical journey
to discover Islam’s first millennium.

We shall explore what happened during the medieval period
and beyond that transformed a nascent Arabic community
into an international phenomenon.

By the end of this course, you will gain some understanding
of the origins of Islam, but you will also
gain useful tools to analyze the processes of today’s world.

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