how to make wudu

how to make wudu (ablution)


how to make wudu (ablution) and we will start with a story al Hassan and al-Hasan are the sons of al-fatima (R). which is the daughter of the prophet Muhammad (S). one day they entered the masjid to make Wudu (Ablution).

so they saw an old man who was making wrongly and they wanted to advise him without embarrassing him, al-Hasan went to him and said this is my brother al-Hussein. he is saying that he is making better than me. so we’ll make in front of you, and you will be the judge between us they started making wudu and both of them did great.

so this man understood that this is a nice way to advise him. how to make Wudu (ablution) so let’s know together how to make Wudu (ablution) firstly, you have to have which means have the intention to make and wash your hands three times, then rinse your mouth three times, then wash your nostrils three times, that’s by entering water into your nose,

then expel it three times then we wash our face three times, then we wash the right hand and the arm until we pass the elbow. the same thing with the left hand and the arm three times, then we wipe the head and the ear once the last thing is to wash the right foot three times, including the ankle and the same thing with the left foot.

that’s it also it is sunnah to say this Dra that there is no god except Allah and he is the absolute one and I bear witness that Muhammad (s) is his slave and messenger Allah. make me one of those who always repented and one of those who are purified hope this information is useful for you. see you next time assalaamualaikum.

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