Islamic Law If I missed a Rakah

Islamic Law If I missed a Rakah


Islamic Law If I missed a Raqah in salat unintentionally. and then figured it out, what should I do? One of two situations. either, you miss a pillar such as a Fatiha I’m presuming you’re praying alone Fatiha, Ruku, sujud, sitting between the two sujuds, rising up from Ruku, etc.

A whole pillar, if you forget it either you remember it, before reaching its place from the second Rakah.
so let’s assume I’m reciting the Fatiha “Goiril magdubi Alihim Waladdallin mean” Then Allahu akber Then I am Saying ‘Subhana Rabbial Ajim’ instead of saying ‘Samiallahu Liman Hamida’ and Then rising up,

I say Allahu Akber and go for sujud. I do to my two sujuds and I stand up for the second rakah. I’m Reciting the Fatiha, Then
I remember hey! I didn’t rise from the Ruku and rising up from Ruku is a pillar, okay I missed it what should I do
in this case?

you should assume yourself in the Ruku position and that you have raised your head and you say, ‘Samiallahu Liman Hamidah’ and everything you did before that would be void, because that would be extra, as you have not raised from the Ruku.

So while standing you say, ‘Samiallahu Liman Hamida’ assuming that this is the rising up from the Ruku of your first Rakah, and then you perform two sujits. I did perform two sujud earlier their void. because they came after a missed
a Rukun (pillar) that you forgot to do.

so they’re all void. and you continue. so this is situation one, situation two no I forgot to rise up from Ruku I continued to my second rakah and while I was in ruku. I rised up from Ruku and said ‘sami allahu Liman Hamidah’ and I continued my second Rakah my third Rakah in the fourth raka I remembered,

oops, I’ve forgot to rise up from my first Rakah, then what to do? your first rakah is void. your second Rakah becomes your first. your third Rakah becomes your second, your fourth rakah which you are standing in at the moment becomes your third,

So you continue and by this technically you would have prayed five Rakah and you offered sujud Sahu after the salam.
and you repeat the salam.

So technically some folks watching would say that you’ve played five raka’s, actually the The first one was void, and you prayed for Rakah and this is the correct way of doing it. so it’s two scenarios, I hope
this answers the question. Islamic Law If I missed a Rakah

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