Life Of Bilal ibne Rabah


Bilal ibne Rabah (R.)  was one of the most Faithfull and loyal companion (Sahabah) of the prophet Muhammad (S.W). Bilal ibn Rabah was born in Mokkah in the Hejaz in the year 580 Hijri and is considered to have been the first muazzin in Islamic History, chosen by Muhammad (S.W) himself. He was a slave and was known for his voice with which he called people to their (Salah) prayers. He died in 640 Hijri years, about the age of 60.

Father and Mother Name:

His father Rabah, Rabah was an slave for the clan of Banu Jumah.

His Mother Name Hamamah. Hammah was allegedly a former princess of Abyssinia. Who was captured after the event of the Year of the Elephant (Ashabe Feel) being born into slavery, Bilal had no other option but to work for his master Umayyah ibn Khalaf. Through hard work.

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