very special people

very special people – Allah’s Special People


Allah has chosen people a special group of people. So people asked who are these define them the keenness of the
companions (R.) to be at the top level always let them to question whenever something like this was sad. the best deeds the best words the best people what who How?

because they wanted to obtain that rank that high Rank and they didn’t settle for just anything they wanted to be at the top and that’s why Allah Ta’la said, (Radiallahu anhu waradu anhu) Allah is pleased with them, and they were pleased
with Allah. they accepted anything that came from Allah. so they asked who are they described defined. he said (Sallahu Alihi Wasallam) those chosen people this special group of people.

he said there are the people of the Quran, those who memorized Quran, those who frequently recite the Quran, those
who study the Quran, those who teach the Quran is the chosen people of Allah. special people special rank by the virtue of the Book of Allah reciting, learning, memorizing, teaching, understanding applying this makes us worthy of being amongst those mentioned in the narration.

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