What Is Dunya? Dunya is nothing

What Is Dunya? Dunya is nothing but a beautiful lie


we are not home, this is not our final destination, it’s not where the beautiful soul that lies within us came from and it is not the final home of where that soul will be and so why would we invest everything, that we have our energy our money our emotion our time into a place that is not home one of my teachers beautifully told me.

He said if I checked into a hotel if you guys are checked into a hotel this weekend imagine he said if I got to my room and I called some construction companies I went to the home depot and I called some decorators and I ordered some new furniture and I renovated the entire hotel room went from carpet to hardwood

we mounted the tv on the wall new bathroom he said what would you think of me and I said sheikh that would be kind of pointless because you’re only there for one or two days and he said exactly he said this is exactly how we are in this life that in a comparison to our akhira in jannah say inshallah that this life is like that hotel room one or two days.

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