What is Islam education

What is Islam education: Allah Subhanahu Tala in a started the Revolution of the Quran With “Iqra” (Sura Alaq 96 Ayat 1) allah subhan allah says “اقرأ باسم ربك اللذى خلق” Read in the name of Lord and Cherisher, Who Created” But education system is very low in the Society, People cannot differentiate between Right and Wrong.

Even hundred times If You tell them intoxication is bad, He will drink, because it does not know the disastrous consequences of intoxication. He cannot differentiate between Right and Wrong, Good or Bad education. Without education society is in unrest.

There is no Peace in society, Because without education A man does not get what he likes in his life. For example: if he gets education, if you get educated he will earn and he will get things what do you like, because many of the criminals were there in the Jails they are uneducated. Most of them Not All most of them, they are uneducated.

So Islam says, get educated in both the fields, in Islamic field to know your lord spiritual. spiritual education to know your lord to know your God to know the laws the constitution given by Allah Subhanllahu Tala.

and on the other side the contemporary education, what is going on in the world what are the ideas what are the philosophies. the people in the world they are Game making against Muslims and Islam.

What should I do what should we do, to have the better future for me and for my progeny. Islamic education is also important for you your life, your children your family and for the environment as well as contemporary education is also important in the form of good future.

What is Islam education – Importance of Education In Islam

If you are not, if any one is not getting and gaining education in both the field that create disturb and that creates unrest in the society.

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